• Interesting flights to or from Geneva airport for the week from Monday 26 July 2021 to Sunday 1 August 2021.

    Monday 26 July: After over a week in the Dominican Republic the BD-700 Global Express  registered as 9H-III and operated by Albinati Aviation Ltd returned to Geneva via Majorca. From one holiday place to another one: do the passengers ever go to real work, or at least tele-travail?

    Monday 26 July: A big luxury Company Jet Airbus A319, supposedly used by the Indian billionaire businessman Mukesh Ambani, arrived from Mumbai (ex Bombay). His company, Reliance Industries Limited, specialises in the petrochemical domain. The aircraft returned to Mumbai two days later.

    Tuesday 27 July: A Falcon 900, owned by Lukoil Ava  (a Russian airline based at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport) coming from Moscow. Obviously the oil industry is much involved in aviation!

    Tuesday 27 July: A TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd Falcon 7X arriving after 10 pm, coming from Addis Ababa. Why could they use the scheduled service to Addis Ababa?

    Wednesday 28 July: The Lukoil which cane here the day before, left for Nigeria (lots of oil there) and the Bahamas (lots of money there!).

    Thursday 29 July: An old and noisy Falcon 50, operated by Sonnig International Private Jets (who like to be secretive) went to Dole-Jura and back, before leaving for Libya and then Saudi Arabia. Oil again?

    Friday 30 July: A Global Express BD-700 coming from Palm Beach, Florida. One can doubt that the passengers were looking for nicË sunny and warm weather

    Saturday 31 July: a MEDICAL FLIGHT, OPERATED BY Jetflight, a Nordic charter operator, left Helsinki for somewhere in eastern Europe, then back to Geneva, landing at 22h12. It then left again for Helsinki at 28 minutes after midnight. Obviously, medical flights are permitted at all hours, but one can wonder if there were passengers on the flight back to Helsinki!

    Sunday 1 August: A Gulf 4 belonging to someone in the Ivory Coast came from Abidjan to Geneva, using the strange call sign IVOIR14. Come to see the fireworks?

    More details for these flights, and all other since 2009, can be obtained via the ARAG Web site


    D’autres détails pour ces vols, et tous les autres vols depuis 2009, peuvent être obtenus via le site WEB de l’ARAG


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