Interesting flights to or from Geneva airport for the week from Monday 12 July 2021 to Sunday 18 July 2021.

Overnight last week

from Geneva to Chennai, in India, after a week in Geneva, a Bombardier Global 6000 belonging to Sun TV Network. That company, based in Chennai, is one of India's largest media Conglomerates. Perhaps they have been making a program about us!

Monday 12 July: The Boeing 767 Business jet which brought Paul Biya, president of Cameroon, to Geneva for one of his regular stays (probably at the hotel Intercontinental), left for Las Vegas, apparently without him. Any demonstration against the president has not been reported.

Tuesday 13 July: A Learjet 35 of the US Air Force, apparently built in 1984, came from the Ramstein military base in Germany. After landing it took off for a 20 minute ride around the airport, then landing again. A reconnaissance flight?

Wednesday 14 July: After midnight, I, e, in the very early hours of Thursday, no less than four very late arrivals of easyJe Switzerland (from Porto, Malaga, Ibiza and Nantes). Clearly, the holiday season is in full swing: will there be a return of COVID Delta?

Thursday 15 July: Return from New York of the very modern (delivered in December 2000) Global 7500 registered as HB-JLF and owned by Rolex). I wonder how many watches have to be sold to buy it?

Thursday 15 July: A nice modern VIP Falcon 7X landing at two minutes past 6, clearly back from somewhere way down South in Africat. The aircraft, registered as G-STMT and owned by TAG Aviation (UK ) Ltd , seems to go to Africa quite frequently.

Friday 16 July: Arrival at 7h12 of a Bombardier Global 6000, registration T7-RSP (a San Marino registration) coming to Geneva from Bangalore, India, via Chennai, then continuing to Basel. The owner of the aircraft, Manipal Health Systems P/L, is a corporate hospital group with 17 operational hospitals under its wings, based in Bangalore. Maybe a link with the Delta COVID variant!

Friday 16 July: A new airline: a Gulf 5 of Tiriac Air coming from Madrid and going to Bucharest  via Zurich.

Saturday 17 July: A new destination (to add to all those visited by aircraft of Albinati Aviation Ltd.): a Global Express, registration 9H-III , going to El Catey Samaná airport in Dominica.

Sunday 18 July: Return from that up-market holiday Island, Muscat) of a Gulf 6, owned by Zanoshfa Capital Ltd , a 2-bit enterprise listed as in the British Virgin Islands and registered in Bermuda as VP-BZF.

More details for these flights, and all other since 2009, can be obtained via the ARAG Web site

D’autres détails pour ces vols, et tous les autres vols depuis 2009, peuvent être obtenus via le site WEB de l’ARAG


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