Interesting flights to or from Geneva airport for the week from Monday 28 June 2021 to Sunday 04 July 2021.

Monday 28 June: A round trip from and to Hamburg - of a jet of JK Jetkontor, based in Hamburg

 Tuesday 29 June: Landing of a Gulf 5, registration M-IPHS (An Isle of Man tax-economising registration), call sign MIPHS (, coming from Moscow Vnukovo via TBS : Tbilisi, arriving at 22h34. This was classified by the airport as a non-commercial flight, which are authorised only between 6am and 10pm, so why was it late?

Wednesday 30 June: A falcon 7X of Albinati Aeronautics SA leaving at 21h30 for Vancouver. I understand that thanks to Global Warming Canada is having excessive heat and fires.

Thursday 1 July: Just before midnight a Global Express registered in Switzerland as HB-JLC, operated by Nomad Aviation AG, callsign HBJLC, took off to go to Princess Juliana Airport Antilles via Portugal. This is a repeat of a similar trip on 4 January, also after 22h.. Nomad Aviation is known for flights all over the world, and a flight like this tends to leave late for an overnight flight.

However, the airport classified this as a taxi flight, with description “Other commercial flights”, yet declaring an objective to be no departures after 22h.   An expensive taxi!

Friday 2 July: A Falcon 900 of the Swiss Air Force, coming from Berne then leaving again for Berne via Lugano. I can think of one politician that might have taken such a flight. However, the track of the flight from Geneva to Berne seems to show that it went past Berne almost to Althausen before (without landing anywhere) turning due south for a landing at Lugano, then directly to Berne.

It is interesting to note that the following day the same Falcon went to, and then back from, Banjul, the capital city of Gambia. One might wonder who were the passengers!

Saturday 3 July: A fascinating set of flights of a Gulf 5 with the Polish registration SP-ZAK, operated by Jet Story. From Warsaw to Tel Aviv then Reykjavik then Los Angeles then Bedford, Massachusetts, and finally to Geneva. Some story!

Saturday 3 July: A scheduled flight from and then back to Malta. The particular aircraft was a very new Airbus A320 Neo, with registration 9H-NEO (9H is a Maltese registration). A nice way to show that the company has new and quiet aircraft.

We can wonder if the first such Airbus to be sometime acquired by easyJet Switzerland might be registered as HB-NEO?

Sunday 4 July: A quick visit by the big luxury Airbus A319, registered as P4-RLA, and believed to be used by  Rinat Leonidovych Akhmetov ,coming from Kiev Boryspil then going back again. Would have been back in the Ukraine in time to watch the football match against England (but would not have enjoyed the result).

Sunday 4 July:  A nice Boeing 737 Business Jet, supposed to be owned by  Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, arrived from Saudi Arabia.


More details for these flights, and all other since 2009, can be obtained via the ARAG Web site

D’autres détails pour ces vols, et tous les autres vols depuis 2009, peuvent être obtenus via le site WEB de l’ARAG

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