Interesting flights to or from Geneva airport for the week from Monday 10 May 2021 to Sunday 16 May 2021.

Monday 10 May: Return from Panama of a Falcon 7X of VW Air Services: promotion of VW cars in South America?

Tuesday 11 May: A Bombardier BD-100, registration M-MTOO, coming from the Amman Civil airport. After taking off the aircraft went south of Israel before turning towards Geneva,, obviously to avoid overflying Israel. A history of its previous flights  showed that previous flights to or from Geneva, Zurich, London and Turkey always avoid overflying Israel. The owner of the aircraft is understood to be Nadrenal Air Holding Ltd. in Guernsey A tax minimising island. A web lookup on Nadrenal, and also the previous owner of the aircraft (Collisto) reveals information obtained in the disclosures of the Pradise Papers.

Wednesday 12 May: A Polish Gulfstream 280 belonging to AMC Aviation came here from Astrakhan in Russia, known for their fur coats.

Thursday 13 May: Several flights to or from Vnukovo.

Friday 14 May: Arrival of a very modern Gulf 7 registered as VP-BTM (Bermuda) coming from Las Vegas via New York Teterboro. First thought: some lucky punter who scooped a Vegas jackpot. Further investigation shows that the owner organisation, Kai Aviation Ltd., has as its Director of Technical Services a certain Christian Waldmeier, of Jet Aviation Basel, whose linkedin profile says that he is “esponsible for the Airworthiness of a Bermuda registered Gulfstream G600 operating world wide”. Shows the global influence of Swiss personalities.

Friday 14 May: Return from Nassau of the aircraft HB-IBJ (at last a Swiss registration!) . This aircraft, ExecuJet Europe AG , makes regular visits to Nassau

Friday 14 May: Arrival of an Israeli-built Gulf Astra SPX registerd as C-FYLD, operated by Latitude Air Ambulance.The aircraft came here from Lima, Peru, via Punta Cana and  St.Johns Newfoundland, then left again for the USA via Reykjavic and Toronto.

Friday 14 May: arrival of a Gulf 4 from Dubai, via Hyderabad India. Every time that I see India marked I worry about the state of that country, and also the fact that Geneva sems to have many India-related COVID cases. Perhaps it would be not surprising that the ability of people to fly easily over land borders could have an influence on virus transmission.

Friday 14 May: A mystery Learjet LJ31 aircraft, built in 1999, registered in San Marino as T7-TFC, with no owner information, came from Zurich, then went to Le Bourget, back to Geneva and finally back to Zurich. The real mystery is that it did not register any call sign! The only information I that it started life as ZS-OML (South Africa) before going as N833KC (USA) to Cochrane USA Inc., but was then transferred to Sam Marino in 2017.

Saturday 15 May: A Canadian jet constructed in 2000 by Israel Aircraft Industries, operated by Latitude Air Ambulance and registered as C-FYLD, came from Lima, in Peru, via Punta Cana and  St.Johns Newfoundland.It then left for Hamilton, in Canada, via Reykjavik

Sunday 16 May: A really long-distance arrival of a Falcon 8X of Maritime Investment and Shipping Co Ltd from Los Angeles.

With no new destinations, the top  European destinations for scheduled airlines were, like the previous week,  Portugal and Spain. This may soon change with Greece and Italy opening up for holidays.

Top executive airports: Vnukovo (21 movements), Le Bourget (27 movements) and  Nice (1 movements). Vnukovo, Moscow, is gaining in importanc e.

More details for these flights, and all other since 2009, can be obtained via the ARAG Web site

D’autres détails pour ces vols, et tous les autres vols depuis 2009, peuvent être obtenus via le site WEB de l’ARAG

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