Interesting flights to or from Geneva airport for the week from Monday 3 May 2021 to Sunday 9 May 2021.

By far the most interesting day was Thursday 6 May., with many flights of aircraft owned by air forces of different countries.  
At 8h40 a 4-reactor C-17A Globemaster III, a cargo transport aircraft owned by the US Air Force, landed after a flight from the US Air Base in Ramstein, Germany. It left again at 11h for an unknown airport, probably in the region of Jordan.

Between the two there was an East to West overflight by a F/A-18 fighter jet of the Swiss Air Force. On the ARAG Noise measurement station at the Versoix Mairie this registered the maximum level possible o100 DbA : the equivalent noise to over 20 times the next-noisiest overflight in Versoix (86 dBA at 8h40 of the above-mentioned landing of the C-17A Globemaster III).

On the same day, after the above departure, a Challenger 604 of the Swiss Air Force went from Geneva to the Swss military air base in Dubendorf, then back to Geneva, then again to Dubendorf.

Also on that same day a Falcon 7X of the Royal Australian Air Force came to Geneva from Farnborough: it left two days later for Al Minhad Air Base, Dubai.

Monday 3 May: A Falcon 2000 owned by Cartier Europe going twice to Milan Linate airport. This airport seems very popular for general aviation.

Tuesday 4 May: at 22h10 a night flight take-off for a LearJet 60 of Laudamotion GmbH going to St Petersburg.

Wednesday 5 May: Albinati Aeronautiques  took delivery of an aircraft in Buochs, home airport for Pilatus, then flew it to Malta, where it was registered (registration as yet unknown) then back to Geneva.  It seems very likely to be a new PC24 jet. Why do Albinati Aéronautics, whose offices are next to Geneva airport, not register aircraft in Switzerland? Perhaps because, since Albinati encourages people to possess a private Jet, it has been bought for someone who wishes to avoid paying Swiss Value Added Tax on the purchase?

Wedneday 5 May: on the 200th anniversary of the death of Napoléon Bonaparte, a Falcon 50 of a company called Channel Jets visiting both Jersey and Guernsey, the sites of  fa ishing dispute between England and France.

Thursday 6 May: Arrival of a Gulf 4 owned by Bank of America, coming from Rutland–Southern Vermont via Teterboro. Not seen this Vermont airport before!

Friday 7 May: Swiss Air Force PC24 registered as T-786, coming from Bern at 15h26, then leaving again at 18h21. A politician?

Saturday 8 May: A Gulf 5 of the Royal Moroccan Air force from Rabat visiting Geneva, and a Falcon 7X of the Royal Australian Air Force leaving for the Al Minhad military Air Base in Dubai. A military connection?

Sunday 9 May: at 6h05 the arrival of a Falcon 8X, operated by Abelag Aviation (based in Brussels), coming from La Romana, in Dominica, where it had stayed for about a week. After only 40 minutes the aircraft left for Brussels!

Sunday 9 May: an Embraer E135 of Avcon Jet left for Kuwait via Beirut and Baghdad. Not a very usual set of airports!

Sunday 9 May: A Gulf 5 belonging to ExecuJet Europe AG left at 18h55 for a joyride from Geneva to near Nantes, with several circles, then back to Geneva at 21h15 without landing anywhere! Do they really have to disturb us so late on a Sunday night?




With no new destinations, the top  European destinations for scheduled airlines were, like the previous week,  Portugal , Spain and France.

Top executive airports: Le Bourget and Farnborough. Farnborough. Linate, in Italy, was about equal with Nice: is it becoming an executive jet airport?

Quite an increase in flights to or from the USA (9).

More details for these flights, and all other since 2009, can be obtained via the ARAG Web site

D’autres détails pour ces vols, et tous les autres vols depuis 2009, peuvent être obtenus via le site WEB de l’ARAG

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