Interesting flights to or from Geneva airport for the week from Monday 12 April 2021 to Sunday 18 April 2021.

Pick of the week: a choice between flight VPCVS  on Monday 12 April, operated by International Jet Management GmBH, flying from Geneva via Ra'sal-Khay, in the UAE to Kathmandu, in Nepal , and a Falon 7X of the  Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) arriving in Geneva from Canberra (the administrative capital of Australia) on 16 April via Perth, Male (Maldives) and Muscat . Two flights which would have left the passengers quite tired and jet-lagged!

Monday 12 April: A Falcon 7X owned by Volkswagen AG returning from the Maldives (perhaps with VW executives having had a holiday?).

Monday 12 April: a flight operated by VistaJet Malta, going to Nassau, Bahamas, via George Town Grand Cayman Islands.

Tuesday 13 April: a long flight of TAG Aviation Malta (Malta registration again) to Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Wednesday 14 April : A flight of an aircraft registered in Malaysia but later re-registered in the US, left for Los Angeles via Guernsey (that well-known tax haven ), Shannon, (Ireland) and Albuquerque New Mexico. Another tiring flight!

Wednesday 14 April: a Falcon 7X 7X owned by Volkswagen AG returning from Martha’s Vineyard and Reno. More executives back from a holiday?

Thursday 15 April: a flight of the nicely named British company Oasis Ltd left for the holiday resort of Muscat, just

Friday 16 April: after several local there and back trips, a Falcon 2000 owned by Cartier Europe left Geneva for Ibiza via Lyon. Maybe picking up some Cartier frontaliers in Lyon?

Saturday 17 April: did you know that someone could have taken a flight with a Falcon 2000 of MHS Aviation GmBH from the small airport of Sion, in the Valais, to Santa Maria in the Azores, then to Hamilton Bermuda, Washington USA, back to Shannon in Irelnd and finally to Athens. That would not have been cheap!

Sunday 18 April: the return of the Gulf 5 registered as M-USIC and believed to be often used by Rim Ratcliffe, owner of Lausanne FC. He would be happy to know that Lausanne FC beat Vadux 2-1.


As usual, the top  European destinations for scheduled airlines were Portugal , France and  Spain.

Top executive airports: Le Bourget as usual, followed by Farnborough UK, which is gaining in importance.

Top non-EU countries visited during the week (excluding scheduled airlines): United Kingdom (69 flights) and Russia (25 flights).

Top inter-continental countries visited during the week: Turkey  and the Gulf states (with scheduled flights, of course).

More details for these flights, and all other since 2009, can be obtained via the ARAG Web site

D’autres détails pour ces vols, et tous les autres vols depuis 2009, peuvent être obtenus via le site WEB de l’ARAG


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