This Summer, try a staycation

A headline in the Daily Telegraph suggested that many Brits are deciding to take their summer holiday in the UK, giving a boost to the economy.

The article suggested that the desire to holiday in the UK can result from a combination of the BREXIT, which has currently made foreign holidays more expensive, and the worries about visiting places considered to be at risk from terrorist attacks or which have governments perceived as lacking in democracy and the rule of law.

As well as reports of very long delays for vehicles wanting to cross over or under the channel, there is the fact that air travel is now getting more expensive. Even easyJet seems to be suffering, as their revenues per seat fall and their shares nosedive. Their chief executive has been reported as admitting that this summer, for the first time in ages, they are having to run promotions to get passengers. Their french language website is currently offering up to 20% reduction on 175,000 seats, as well as already launching their campaign for the winter ski season (which probably shows that they have already fixed their schedules).

In Switzerland their could be quite a lot of holiday resorts, both standard hotels and the much-discussed Airbnb offerings, hoping for more Swiss clients. However, the strength of the Swiss currency makes this somewhat unlikely, although the chosen destinations for Summer holidays outside Switzerland could show a changing pattern. The statistics for airline passengers in June show, as usual, significantly more people leaving this country than entering it. One could speculate on whether this is or is not good for the Swiss economy.

Perhaps more Swiss will want to sample the delights of the UK: London always has lots to offer, but visits to Scotland, Wales and Ireland can also be fascinating.

Happy holidays.

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