2-SEXY an aircraft!

On 11 February, just a few days before St Valentine's day, an aircraft registered in the UK as "2-SEXY", called in at Geneva.

The Bombardier Challenger 601, registered as 2-SEXY, is managed by Hangar8 on behalf of private owners, and is based at Oxford Kidlington Airport. It called in at Geneva in the late afternoon of 11 February, on its way from Amsterdam to Oxford.

Many owners of private aircraft like to have their aircraft registered with a meaningful identifier. Those of the form 2-xxxx are registered in Guernsey under the auspices of a company called 2-REG. Unsurprisingly, the owners of the aircraft prefer to keep their real identity hidden, as is indicated by the 2-REG web site, which emphasises that "A unique 2-REG registration allows private business aircraft owners to create their own tailored registration while enjoying all off-shore benefits".

Previously to having this registration, the aircraft the aircraft was on the Cayman Islands register as VP-CEI, based in Moscow and operated by Baltic Jet Air. Given that the Caymans are another off-shore country, one can assume that the real owners are probably from Russia, and that they perhaps have moved to the UK!

The only other 2-xxxx registration seen in Geneva this year is a Gulfstream G-IV aircraft registered as 4-TRAV (travel?), owned by Travcorp Air Transportation Ltd and operated by ExecuJet Europe AG. Again, 2REG was involved, and it was reported that 2-TRAV was the first business jet on the Channel Islands Aircraft Register. This 2-TRAV was previously registered as M-IVSP, in the Isle of Man (off-shore again), and was built in 1993.

It is interesting to note that such aircraft, very often fitted out with a lavish interior, can clearly have an extremely long lifetime. Both of these aircraft were built in 1993 and are still going strong, as are many other aircraft built in the last century.In fact, some of these old aircraft are much larger and noisier (even including Boeing 747 Jumbos). One can probably suppose that their owners have no problems with any noise surcharge: 2-TRAV pays a mere 20 CHF, whilst 2-SEXY pays nothing!

So who might be the real owners of an aircraft with such an evocative registration as 2-SEXY?

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