From Berne to Le Bourget via Geneva

An Air Glaciers Beechcraft 200 Super King came to Geneva from Berne, then continued to Paris Le Bourget (to COP21?).

It is not widely known that Air Glaciers, normally based in Sion, has Beechcraft aircraft which operate services for passengers. On Wednesday 2 December one of their Beechcraft aircraft came in mid-afternoon from Berne to Geneva, then after a stay of 90 minutes continued to Paris Le Bourget. This would almost certainly be to visit the climate negotiations COP21.

It would be appropriate if the occupants would remember the name of the company which flew them to Paris, and stress the rôle that climate change is playing in the retreat of our Swiss alpine glaciers. If the problem is not tackled, our children's children, or their children, could one day have to ask what is a glacier!

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