Islamists back from Larnaca to Basel

As reported on this web site and elsewhere, but not in the paper, suspected islamists were being returned from Larnaca to Basel

It appears that a group of 6 french men arrived in Larnaca, Cyprus, on Saturday 21 November via what was delicately described as a budget flight from Basel. Three people appear to have been the subject of an Interpol alert.

It is not hard to identify the budget airline (easyJet) which operates between Basel and Larnaca. The prices can indeed be very "budget". A few weeks ago easyJet were advertising flights for under 15CHF each for a couple of passengers, and similar prices are available early next year.

Basel airport is, of course, located in France, but apparently the french police found nothing suspicious in the reservations. It was actually the Cyprus authorities who triggered the alarm. Rather unnerving when one considers that this was only a week after the Paris attacks.

The men should have been on the returning flight to Basel on the following Monday, 23 November. One might hope that they were given a suitable welcome.

There are a number of known ways that young people with suspected jihadist tendencies may attempt to get to Syria, and many of them may involve low-cost airlines. One can suppose that the airports involved, including our own Geneva airport (which has an entry from France) will need to reinforce the security checks. Will the airlines flying to these pre-entry airports be made to contribute towards the cost of these reinforcements?


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  • Thanks for the information.
    To the best of my knowledge, nothing appeared in the paper version yesterday, 23 November.

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