On Friday November 13, another easyJet Switzerland aircraft

It will unfortunately be "easy" to remember when easyJet Switzerland added yet another Airbus A319 to its fleet.

It was on Wednesday 11 November when an Airbus A319, registered in the UK as G-EZGK, belonging to easyJet UK and built in 2011, arrived empty from London Gatwick. I immediately thought it was going to become an addition to the easyJet Switzerland fleet, and this has just been confirmed: on Friday November 13 it was re-registered as HB-JYJ. This means that easyJet Switzerland will now have 24 aircraft based in Switzerland: 14 of the smaller Airbus A319 and 10 of the larger Airbus A320.

Will this mean an extra aircraft in Geneva, which normally houses 14 aircraft, or Basel, which normally houses 9? Whichever is the choice, the two airports combined will probably get at least 300 extra night flights. This will not please either the residents association in Geneva or the one in Basel, but it increases the stranglehold of easyJet on both of these airports.

We keep on hearing about the forthcoming new and (supposedly) quiet Airbus A320Neo, which may start to be delivered to easyJet UK in the not too far distant future. However, it is disquieting to see that not only do easyJet Switzerland acquire their new (!) aircraft as second-hand cast-offs, probably at an el cheapo price,but experience shows that they should actually have insisted on an A320: such insistence might have avoided a repeat of the rather embarrassing incident of an aircraft too small for the number of registered passengers.

Could we not all wish that easyJet Switzerland would buy its own new, quiet, aircraft? Should not our Geneva authorities intervene?

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