A new easyJet route?

An easyJet Switzerland aircraft flew empty to Cambridge UK. Might this be a planned new UK destination?


On 9 November the easyJet Switzerland Airbus A319, registered as HB-JZS, left Geneva just before 9am on a flight to Cambridge UK. The flight callsign, EZS9009, is one that is used by the company to fly aircraft all over Europe without any passengers.

In November, which is the month with the last number of aircraft movements, companies can easily move empty aircraft around, normally to operate flights from elsewhere. In this case, however, the aircraft does not appear to have operated any other flight.

Is this a trial of a new easyJet route - Cambridge does have international flights, but none that appear to be operated by easyJet? Apart from a famous university, it is hard to see what the attraction could be: no hot sandy beaches, no skiing, nothing particularly out of the ordinary.

Your guess?

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