Tout va bien à notre aéroport

It seems that despite all sorts of problems involving the airport, any negative things seem to be only rarely reported in Geneva: why?

This week there have been many flight cancellations in many places, but especially affecting the UK flights to and from our airport, due to intense foggy conditions over much of Europe. However, this very unusual situation, widely reported, seems not to have been considered worthy of any comment in this newspaper. Likewise, the Geneva airport Web site, a mine of information, mostly irrelevant to the average person, carries no news whatsoever that flights may be cancelled.

Likewise, the fact that the Geneva Cour des Comptes is investigating the handling by Geneva airport of the mega-project to build a new East Wing terminal seems to be of no interest to this newspaper. The initial information suggested that the project would cost about 350 million Swiss Francs, but be merely to give better reception conditions for passengers taking big intercontinental aircraft: no increase in capacity. The current cost figure being bandied around is of over 600 million Swiss Francs, which could mean that in order to recoup the investment, the airport could try to attract many new intercontinental flights in big and noisy aircraft and also extra short-haul flights, in particular from non-Schengen countries. Again, of course, none of this discussion appears on the airport web site.

Is it somehow infra dig in Geneva to suggest that anything is not perfect at the airport, even if the imperfections may not always be attributed to the airport management or its operations team? It would seem so!

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