A Swiss flight between Emmen and Pristina?

Yesterday, 29 September, it seems that an Airbus of Swiss flew from Emmen military airport to Pristina and back again!

The records from flightradar24 appear to show that the Airbus A320 identified as HB-IJU, having stayed the previous night in Geneva, left Geneva just after 8h30, using the Edelweiss callsign WK5454, to go to Emmen airport, which is indicated by Wikipedia as primarily a military airfield.

The aircraft then went to Pristina as flight Edelweiss WK2828, returning to Emmen as Swiss flight LX2829. Once back, it then went (empty?) to Zurich as flight WK5455. Rather a mixture of callsigns.

In looking at flightradar24 information for all of these three airports (Geneva, Emmen and Zurich), none shows any record of any of these flights.

Emmen is, of course, one of the three Swiss sites for RUAG, and on the RUAG web site one can find the following information

The RUAG site in Emmen is responsible for the final assembly of payload fairings for the European launch vehicle Ariane 5 and the American Atlas V-500.

I wonder why, and for whom, this return flight was arranged. Given the few people employed directly on the Emmen airport site, it hardly looks like an employees' day out!

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