Swiss aircraft advertises shopping at Zurich Airport

After trams painted to advertise, Swiss airline has decided to do likewise on one of their aircraft. The Swiss Avro RJ100 HB-IYS is painted to advertise shopping at Zurich airport.


This aircraft is one which frequently flies from Geneva to London City. However, mostly it flies from Zurich all over Europe. For some time now this aircraft has the bottom half painted to show happy Swiss people, mostly in traditional national costume, plus a few animals (of necessity including a Swiss brown cow). Above this idyllic image is the advertising message "Shopping Paradise Zurich Airport".

One can imagine that this is sponsored by Zurich airport, or perhaps by the shops therein. Whatever it is, it is reinforcing the idea that airports are a good place to shop in, even though a recent report suggested that so-called duty-free shops are fleecing the shoppers for a range of items ehich are not duty-free!

Perhaps in a few years time the shopping will become the most important feature, i.e. a shopping mall with an airport attached. In the meantime, we can wonder when Geneva airport will make a similar promotion, and with which airline: I would suppose Swiss also, since the Geneva low-cost airline already has self-promotional advertising on it.

On a smaller scale, the Geneva Aero Club seems to have done a deal with this newspaper: their little Skyhawk II registered as HB-CHW is painted with the name "Tribune de Genève". I wonder if they get a one-off payment, a fee each time they fly or a few free TdG copies every day!

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  • More than 3 years that this aircraft has been painted...

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