Despite the airport spin, snow causes problems

teletext_20120131.JPGAnother few inches of snow causes many flights to be delayed. Apparently, however, this is unknown to the airport spokesman, who claims that flights are mostly on-time.

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When snow blocks flights, what are your rights?

On a morning radio program a listener who was blocked in Paris by snow asked about her rights. The answer was not entirely encouraging: snow in winter is both exceptional and normal!

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England retained the Ashes!

The England cricket team beat the Australians in Australia to retain the trophy called "The Ashes". Here are some reasons to connect that to aviation.

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We need better Web information on flights!

In England people go to Heathrow airport because the BA website tells them to do so, yet when they get there they hear a message telling them to go home! The Times even published my letter saying that we need a web site which collects and correlates all available information on flights!

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