Long-haul (night?) flights

Now that OFAC has opened the door for airport expansion, what will be the next destinations and at what time.

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The airport gives us our morning wake-up call

Via the Skyguide air traffic controllers we are almost sure to get our early morning wake-up call soon after 6am. Is the Federal Council also hearing a wake-up call?

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A better aircraft landing path

The residents living around Nernier want incoming flights to stop coming over their town. They have made a perfectly reasonable proposition.

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International noise awareness day

Today, April 25 2012, is International Noise Awareness day. The reports of the great and continuing increase in traffic at Geneva airport is very relevant to our noise awareness.

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Curtains for night flights

If you are disturbed in your bedroom at night by aircraft movements, perhaps you should buy some special noise-reducing curtains!

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Helicopter learner pilots over France

A lady in France complained to the airport about repeated helicopter overflights last Monday night. Of course, the reply was that this is quite permissible, but I found some things strange.

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Late take-offs that could have woken us all!

Last night, Tuesday 5 April, people at both ends of the Geneva airport runway could have been woken up by very late take-offs. Was this really necessary?

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WHO says that noise is bad for us

A new report from the World Health Organisation quantifies the number of healthy life years lost in Europe because of environmental noise. Aviation is one of the noise sources examined.


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Another helicopter overflight

March 6: a nice enough day to be in the garden, rather spoilt by a low-altitude helicopter overflight.


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Tons more freight and noise!

The Boeing 747 of Jade Cargo, taking freicht to China, is now completely full, very heavy and climbs slowly. The noise of its takeoff is also climbing!


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Vernier: another evening of unexpected noise

Last Monday evening, 17 January, the aviation activities at Geneva airport found multiple novel ways to disturb the sleep of Vernier residents.

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At Schiphol a new noise measurement calculation scheme to allow more flights

According to the Swiss radio programme Urbanités, the Dutch authorities hope to raise the capacity of Schiphol airport by another 100,000 flights per year with new runways and a new method of noise calculations. Explanation!

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At Vernier, small is not always beautiful!

For the last few days Vernier residents have continued to suffer from aircraft noise pollution. The culprits are not always the big jets!

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Rare and noisy visitors from Eastern Europe

Local aircraft spotters will be happy to have seen some old Yakovlev aircraft this year, throwbacks to the days of old Soviet Union. One particular one, from Kazakhstan, raises questions.



There have been six different Yakovlev YAK-42D which have come to Geneva this year. According to Wikipedia, these aircraft were the first aircraft to be produced in the Soviet Union which were powered by modern high-bypass turbofan engines. They date from the start of the 1990 decade, which makes them oldish (though there are many aircraft of that generation still flying with regular airlines). However, they are rather noisy aircraft, being put by the Swiss authorities in noise class II (the noisiest are in class I).

None of the six aircraft appear to have come to Geneva more than once this year. All except one of these are registered in Russia, operated by what I presume to be Russian companies.

The only non-Russian aircraft was from Kazakhstan. This aircraft, with registration UP-Y4201, arrived on 17 July, and was duly registered by the ARAG aircraft movements enquiry system.

Because it was quite an unusual aircraft and country it has been photographed by many aviation enthusiasts, including two at Geneva airport. These photos can be seen HERE and HERE. One of the photographers referred to it as being one of several VIP visitors during that beautiful day!

This aircraft is believed to be owned by the Kazakhstan government, and the aircraft callsign that it used suggests that it was operated by the company called Fly Jet KZ.

What is a little curious is that this company appears to be on the latest version of the European Community banned list, dated 5 July 2010.

No doubt there is a perfectly reasonable explanation!

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The sound of silence measured in decibels

Scientifically, noise is measured in decibels and can be averaged out over a period. Human perception is different: we are sensitive to short but loud noises, in particular when there is a large difference between the noise and the level of background sound.

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