The Iranian Government Falcon jet has left

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said on Monday that Iran has the most successful human rights record in the Muslim world. How many people believed him?

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An Iranian Government Jet in Geneva : PetroSuisse link?

Yesterday morning Le Matin Dimanche wrote that Petro Suisse is a front company for Iranian petrol dealings. In the evening an Iranian Government jet came to Geneva! Coincidence?

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Swiss jet sold to Iran

In 2010 a Falcon 2000 jet aircraft of Dasnair SA was sold to someone in Slovakia, who then immediately sold it to the Iran Civil Aviation Organization. Certainly perfectly legal ,but !

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Business, politics and morality don't mix

When there are international crises I often look to see what aircraft travel between Geneva and the countries concerned. Last year, I looked at Libyan aircraft: this year ...

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