Casablanca to Lyon via Geneva

Passengers on the AirArabia flight from Casablanca to Lyon on the evening of Saturday 4 August dropped into Geneva airport, then finally left here 50 minutes after midnight.

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When snow blocks flights, what are your rights?

On a morning radio program a listener who was blocked in Paris by snow asked about her rights. The answer was not entirely encouraging: snow in winter is both exceptional and normal!

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Your flight is delayed or cancelled: what next

You are booked on a flight which is cancelled, or delayed with the real likelihood of being cancelled: what now? Simple question, complicated answer. If you were affected, then WHAT DID YOU DO?

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At Schiphol a new noise measurement calculation scheme to allow more flights

According to the Swiss radio programme Urbanités, the Dutch authorities hope to raise the capacity of Schiphol airport by another 100,000 flights per year with new runways and a new method of noise calculations. Explanation!

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