Do you claim money back from easyJet?

Today, 2 May, this paper has not found any passengers on easyJet flights claiming compensation for long delays last Sunday.

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Computer networks are fallible

Like many other organisations in the past, easyJet yesterday had to deal with a major network problem, which did affect Geneva.

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easyJet: stress and a new route?

I was reported that pilots of easyJet Switzerland are exhausted. Part of the problem might be when aircraft are unavailable.

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Geneva airport: head in the sand again!

Yet again we have delayed and cancelled flights, this time to Portugal, due to strikes. Yet again the Geneva Airport Web site fails to give any warnings: why?

We could all know that there would be trouble for flights to and from Portugal today, Friday 11 May, as it had been announced that the Portuguese Air Traffic Controllers would be striking today (and in all probability will do likewise on Thursday and Friday for the next two weeks. For Geneva this affects easyJet and TAP flights to Lisbon and Porto. The easytravelreport.com site confirms this, saying

Portuguese air traffic controllers strike
Expect flight delays or even cancellations.
11, 17, 18, 24 and May 25 2 hours per shift from 07:00 to 09: 00, from 2-4 PM and from 9-11PM on the continent and Madeira). Here's what TAP has to say for the 11th.

The Web sites of both easyJet and TAP confirm this, though you have to look for the information (on easyjet.com as "Latest Travel Info"), as these sites are not just for Geneva flights.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: why on earth cannot the Geneva Airport web site also have an equivalent information on events which could affect flights in the next few days or weeks? The only likely reason that I can think of (apart from them never wanting to mention problems!) is that the best place to put it (on the initial Web page) is already taken up by advertising-style alternating images (which might bring in more money!).

I suppose that I am still whistling in the dark!


easyJet ropes off their automatic check-in terminals

Last year, some easyJet automatic check-in terminals were often broken. Now, at busy times, most are roped off. Result: back to those long zig-zag queues before the counters! Why?

I noticed this "back to the past" approach when going to the airport with someone who had a Tuesday flight back to London. In the area where there are located about 20 automatic check-in machines, almost all of them were roped off and hence made inaccessible. The inevitable consequence was one of those long queues where one moves slowly left then right in a snaky queue between parallel tapes. What we could describe as a "back to the past" traditional method of queueing, as well as being a reason why passengers are told to be at the airport two hours in advance of the departure!

Why was this the case: I have no idea. It is probable that this was a busy time of day for easyJet (around 2pm), and that there are quiet times (I am not quite sure when these could be!) when the automated check-in machines are made available. Maybe, also, the unstructured queuing to get at a working check-in machine was causing frustration and arguments between passengers!

Of course, at some airports passengers can opt for "Speedy Boarding", via an extra payment, to have access to priority check-in desks (I am unsure whether easyJet in Geneva has such check-in desks). Maybe this will apply to the flights designed to be attractive to business travellers (fast check-in, choice of seats, special lounge maybe?), as easyJet tries to lure these passengers away from the more traditional airlines? However, Lufthansa, one of many airlines currently losing money, are hitting back with a full page advert (in Le Matin Dimanche today, 6 May) for Geneva-Berlin next month from CHF 49 (not including a possible CHF 11 credit card charge!).

So what next? How about the system that we get in post offices, Swisscom help centres and other places, whereby we enter at a gate where we are given a numbered ticket (perhaps by pushing a button), plus an estimate of the expected waiting time, and then wait patiently until our number flashes up? If we knew that it would be long (more than 30 minutes) we could even go and get a coffee and a biscuit (against payment, of course, and at inflated prices!).

I have not looked at the use of the automatic check-in terminals for other airlines, but I did not notice any similar snaky queues anywhere else.


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Palestinien militants to Tel Aviv this weekend

Today, Sunday 15 April, the web site of this newspaper says pro-palestinien militants refused boarding on EZS1525 to Tel Aviv. How about  other flights to Tel Aviv this weekend?

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More easyJet (night) flights this summer

Spring is here: the airline summer timetables will operate from Sunday 25 March. With another aircraft already here, easyJet will be running yet more (night?) flights this summer.

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The Bise and two aborted landings

It cannot be easy landing an aircraft into a very strong wind. In the last week (at least) two pilots were sufficiently disturbed to have to abort, hit the gas and go around again.

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Is Basel more important than Geneva?

Yet again the lack of a genuine spare aircraft causes some easyJet Switzerland passengers to suffer long delays. Yesterday, two flights to Gatwick left with almost 5 hours delay!

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Another embarrassing day for easyJet Switzerland

Yesterday, Thursday 13 October, a lot of passengers on easyJet flights had hours of delays. The reason, as usual: no spare aircraft in Switzerland.

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Two easyJet mea culpas

In the press last weekend two top easyJet executives explained the reasons for the serious problems of last Summer. The explanations were not identical, nor complete.

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Two NICE late easyJet flights: why?

On 29 July the last easyJet return flight from Nice ought to have been redirected to Lyon, instead of landing in Geneva at 01h04. Last night the reverse happened. The explanation and a question!

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easyJet prices

easyjet_pub 003.JPGPeople waiting for arriving passengers at Geneva airport can see offers for easyJet flights, but the price quoted does not include credit or debit card charges.


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Never apologise, never explain!

After problems all day last Wednesday for easyJet in Geneva, it was the turn of KLM in Amsterdam to have problems. In neither case can I find any explanation.


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easyJet in Geneva has a problem today

All the first easyJet Switzerland departures from Geneva were delayed this morning : July 13. The airport gives no information as to why! A strike?

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