Sport, weather, climate and our children!

In the UK in 2012 there was a parallel evolution of Olympic sport and the weather: Switzerland was rather different!

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CO2 from Geneva to Durban

With Global Warming ever more obvious, emissions of CO2 are being discussed in Durban, South Africa, and here in Geneva. Attending the Geneva discussions is possible with a minimum of CO2 emissions!

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Sir Richard Branson's new green aviation fuel

Sir Richard Branson has disclosed a new project to make jet fuel from the waste gases from steel mills, saying that

"This could turn aviation from a dirty industry to one of the cleanest".

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Aviation Anecdotes: Introduction

This new blog is being written initially in English. A version in French could follow at a later stage.

The intention is to give information on any interesting, curious or unusual things that happen at, or perhaps above, the Geneva International Airport. This information might relate to particular aircraft, to the owner or operator of these aircraft or to the person or persons who may have been on board one of them.

As an initial example, consider the Solar Impulse aircraft. Like all aircraft, it has been allocated a unique aircraft address by the International Civil Avation Organisation (just like a chassis nubmer in a car), and a registration identifier assigned by the country of registration (rather like the registration plates on a car). Its actual registration is HB-SIA, and the other information can be found by checking the Swiss official registry at


Just enter "SIA" in the registration field and do a search.

Whenever it flies, it will have on board a transceiver which continually broadcasts its presence, as well as warning it, or other aircraft, of any possible collision. If it passes within several tens of kilometers of Cointrin airport then these broadcasts can be captured and used to indicate its presence.

There are no prizes for giving the name of the passenger(s), nor of guessing what will be the registration of the next version of Solar Impulse.

The author of this blog may be reached via the email address aa.spitfire@bluewin.ch

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