Long-haul (night?) flights

Now that OFAC has opened the door for airport expansion, what will be the next destinations and at what time.

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Geneva airport after the financial tsunami

The need for Geneva airport to handle 25 million passengers by 2030 is now doubtful after the floating of the Swiss Franc.

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Is anyone in your family electrosensitive?

On 28 December of last year the paper "Le Matin" talked about electromagnetic effects and how they affected one sensitive person.

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August 1st: the sound of silence

We know that August 1 is a day when there is a lot of noise (fireworks), but it can also be a day of unusual silence.

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Skyguide ensures our early morning wakeup

This Sunday morning there were very few ealrly landings. Why did Skyguide then allow departures in both directions?

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A tale of two airports

Geneva and Gatwick airports are often compared to each other. Do we really want Geneva to have the same traffic as Gatwick?

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25 millions de passagers à Genève aéroport: comment?

Dans un aéroport dèjà surchargé, le directeur de l'aéroport parle de la possibilité d'accueillir 25 millions de passages par an. Comment?

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Airport water is overcharged

The morning radio programme asked Geneva airport why bottled water was so much overcharged: the answers were unconvincing!

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Sport, weather, climate and our children!

In the UK in 2012 there was a parallel evolution of Olympic sport and the weather: Switzerland was rather different!

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Geneva wants no criminals on state commissions

The Geneva State Council decided to ask for the criminal records extract for all candidates for public commissions, but gave an impossible deadline.

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A better aircraft landing path

The residents living around Nernier want incoming flights to stop coming over their town. They have made a perfectly reasonable proposition.

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Casablanca to Lyon via Geneva

Passengers on the AirArabia flight from Casablanca to Lyon on the evening of Saturday 4 August dropped into Geneva airport, then finally left here 50 minutes after midnight.

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The Olympic show: three towns and an airport

The Olympic opening ceremony, with its portrayal of the transformation of Britain, prompted people to offer their own commentaries. Some were positive, others negative.

The gloriously inventive Olympic opening ceremony, which included many examples of dry humour much loved by the British (regrettably, many of these might have passed unnoticed by non-British!), took place in the redeveloped region in Stratford, London. This region, described in The Times newspaper as a

"once grubby patch of forgotten London, with its poisoned earth and its broken buildings and its vast collection of abandoned supermarket trollies"

has been transformed into an area of beauty, centred upon the Olympic stadium. This beauty was symbolised in the initial portrayal of "Merrie England", with its small farms, maypole dancing, a cricket match and other idyllic scenes reminding us of times gone by. Exactly like one might have imagined that other Stratford, properly titled as Stratford-on-Avon, known as the home of Shakespeare.

The transformation analogy continued with the actor Sir Kenneth Branagh, dressed up as the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, reciting Caliban's "Be Not Afeard" speech in Shakespeare's play "The Tempest". However, the portrayal as Brunel, following the singing of the Hymn "Jerusalem" which uses the poem of William Blake (including its reference to "Dark Satanic Mills") heralded the transformation of parts of Merrie England by the Industrial Revolution. This section of the show was called pandemonium, which comes from Pandæmonium,the capital of Hell in the poem "Paradise Lost" by John Milton: it emphasised the enrichment of some citizens by the toil of many others, including child labour. A relevant saying in the North of England, where were found many of those satanic mills with tall chimneys belching smoke, is

"Where there's muck, there's brass"

Milton subsequently wrote another poem, "Paradise Regained", which might be how citizens of Stratford London now see their town. However, one correspondent wrote a letter to The Times on the subject of The Olympics, in particular of the time of the previous London Olympics in 1948 (when London's Stratford was indeed a bombed wasteland). She then lived in Hounslow, which a Times reporter had described as

"a dreary expanse of westernmost London distinguished primarily by its utter lack of distinction".

She agreed that this region is now one of drab homes, bucket shops and cheap Asian restaurants, but reported that at the time of the previous London Olympics, it was a lovely small town, with some beautiful houses, cinemas, shops, sporting facilities and a small local airfield called Heston Aerodrome. She even reminisced that on her 21st birthday her husband treated her to a flight around the area, at the exhorbitant cost of 10/6d. Perhaps a different example of Paradise Lost.

Today, the airfield is still there, being used to bring in participants in these Olympics, but its name has now changed. It is now called

Heathrow International Airport



Is Swiss suppressing some Zurich flights?

For the last two days the first morning flight of Swiss to Zurich has been suppressed. Yesterday the last Swiss flight from Zurich to Geneva was half-suppressed. Signs of the hard times?

For years the first flight out in the mornings has always been the Swiss flight LX2801 to Zurich, scheduled to depart at 6am (usually over my head at Versoix!), whilst the last flight back at night has been LX2818 from Zurich, scheduled to arrive at 11h20 pm. However, for the last two days (Thursday 24 May and Friday 25 May) the morning flight has been cancelled. Since the next Swiss flight to Zurich is not too much later (LX2805 at 7h40 am) it seems likely that there have not been enough passengers for the early flight, so these passengers booked on the early flight have to wait for the next one.This in turn implies that these early passengers would not be able to transit to early Swiss flights from Zurich!

Yesterday, the last evening flight was also cancelled. However, the one before that (LX2816, due to leave Zurich at 8h35 pm) was actually delayed until about the same time as LX2818 would actually have left. In other words, effectively the two flights were coalesced into one, which left more or less when LX2818 should have left. Thus, the flight would have been available for passengers returning to Geneva via Zurich (if it had not then those passengers would NOT have been pleased!).

Will this continue? I don't know: what I do know is that on the flight departures list of the airport the first morning flight LX2801 was simply not mentioned, which tends to suggest that it was not simply cancelled today.

Of course, for those of us in Versoix who want our early morning wake-up call, I can say that between 6am and 7h30am this morning (my radio alarm time) I had the doubtful pleasure of hearing 18 jets taking off. Unsurprisingly, the majority of these (10) were easyJet Switzerland. Tonight, unless the wind changes direction, it will be the people living in Vernier who will hear the aircraft (again, mostly easyJet) returning over their heads (although if there is not too much wind we in Versoix may nonetheless have some of these late arrivals be allowed to come in over our heads).

Clearly, of course, this is not a problem to people who have had their dwellings soundproofed at the airport's expense: they simply have to close the windows of their bedroom (and hope for a cool summer!).

TP942.JPGps: don't forget that as from tomorrow, Saturday 26 May, the last scheduled flight every day will be that from Lisbon to Geneva, operated by TAP and scheduled to arrive at 10 minutes before midnight, so don't necessarily open your bedroom windows once the last Swiss flight is in!

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Geneva airport: head in the sand again!

Yet again we have delayed and cancelled flights, this time to Portugal, due to strikes. Yet again the Geneva Airport Web site fails to give any warnings: why?

We could all know that there would be trouble for flights to and from Portugal today, Friday 11 May, as it had been announced that the Portuguese Air Traffic Controllers would be striking today (and in all probability will do likewise on Thursday and Friday for the next two weeks. For Geneva this affects easyJet and TAP flights to Lisbon and Porto. The easytravelreport.com site confirms this, saying

Portuguese air traffic controllers strike
Expect flight delays or even cancellations.
11, 17, 18, 24 and May 25 2 hours per shift from 07:00 to 09: 00, from 2-4 PM and from 9-11PM on the continent and Madeira). Here's what TAP has to say for the 11th.

The Web sites of both easyJet and TAP confirm this, though you have to look for the information (on easyjet.com as "Latest Travel Info"), as these sites are not just for Geneva flights.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: why on earth cannot the Geneva Airport web site also have an equivalent information on events which could affect flights in the next few days or weeks? The only likely reason that I can think of (apart from them never wanting to mention problems!) is that the best place to put it (on the initial Web page) is already taken up by advertising-style alternating images (which might bring in more money!).

I suppose that I am still whistling in the dark!

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