easyJet: Ibiza to Geneva via Lyon

Yet again, on 24 July, an easyJet Switzerland flight could not return to Geneva before the closure hour, so was diverted to Lyon. Why?

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This Summer, try a staycation

A headline in the Daily Telegraph suggested that many Brits are deciding to take their summer holiday in the UK, giving a boost to the economy.

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Islamists back from Larnaca to Basel

As reported on this web site and elsewhere, but not in the paper, suspected islamists were being returned from Larnaca to Basel

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On Friday November 13, another easyJet Switzerland aircraft

It will unfortunately be "easy" to remember when easyJet Switzerland added yet another Airbus A319 to its fleet.

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easyJet profits and losses

While easyJet forecasts pre-tax profits of over a billion Swiss Francs, passengers lose out and empty planes fly all over Europe.

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Another easyJet Switzerland odd event

easyJet Switzerland sometimes helps out easyJet UK by lending one of its aircraft. This can have unwanted effects.

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Claim compensation from easyJet

In the busy Summer period some easyJet flights may be very delayed or even cancelled. There is a right to financial compensation.

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Financial compensation for late flights?

With long delays for some flights, some of which come to Geneva via Lyon, does OFAC want to help the airlines resist claims?

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From June more late takeoffs

The airport always emphasises that there are no scheduled departures after 10 pm, so why are there so many jets leaving after 11 pm?

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EasyJet punctuality

On Swiss radio easyJet repeat how punctual are their flights. However, their late departures can be very late and very disturbing.

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Pristina with easyJet

The easyJet to or from Pristina can have problems. Last night, 14 May, the return flight failed two attempts to land here before diverting to Lyon.

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Rome to Basel via Geneva and Bordeaux to Geneva via Lyon.

Passengers on the easyJet UK flight from Rome to Basel last night might have been surprised to come first to Geneva on an easyJet Switzerland aircraft.

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Chaos at Lyon airport last Sunday night

When four return flights of easyJet Switzerland were diverted to Lyon after midnight on Sunday 20 July there were chaotic scenes.

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Court ruling that airlines must pay compensation

The High Court in the UK ruled that a passenger must be paid compensation when a technical problem on an aircraft caused a 27 hour delay.

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Saturday night / Sunday morning

In the early hours of Sunday 25 May 2015 three early morning aircraft movements had different causes!

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