Is Geneva airport not responsible for de-icing?

After reading an article on the TV teletext yesterday, 27 December 2010, repeated in part in this newspaper today, you might think that there were very few flight cancellations and delays. You might also believe that de-icing of aircraft is purely the responsibility of the airlines. Would you be right?

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Not so easy Jet to London Gatwick!

As if travellers to and from the UK have not already suffered enough, the about turn of the last easyJet Switzerland flight to London Gatwick on Tuesday night, and the unavailability of the same aircraft the next day, had a big knock-on effect on Gatwick and other destinations. Compensation to passengers should be in order, including a family member of mine who was booked on the first flight this morning.

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We need better Web information on flights!

In England people go to Heathrow airport because the BA website tells them to do so, yet when they get there they hear a message telling them to go home! The Times even published my letter saying that we need a web site which collects and correlates all available information on flights!

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Your flight is delayed or cancelled: what next

You are booked on a flight which is cancelled, or delayed with the real likelihood of being cancelled: what now? Simple question, complicated answer. If you were affected, then WHAT DID YOU DO?

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Swiftcopters SA : hero or villain

In an article in the Tribune de Geneva today, 16 December 2010, which examines the noise nuisance of helicopter flights in winter to ski stations, the Geneva company Swiftcopters is presented as a hero. However, not so long ago its Director was cast more as a villain!

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Poor decisions attract bad luck!

Poor, illogical planning of flights is common to the very noisy takeoff over Versoix at 0h36 last Saturday morning (11 December), three consecutive cancelled easyJet evening returns from Berlin last week and the latest return of a commercial flight (EZS1458 from Porto) this Autumn! In such cases, Murphy's law applies!

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Why is the Geneva airport web site so awful?

In the city where the Web was invented, it is shameful that the Web site of the airport is so terrible. To the bad design and the incredibly slow response time must be added the inability to give up-to-date and relevant information.


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A quiet day for some easyJet Switzerland aircraft, but ...

... despite that, and despite my (HB-JZI) day off, not everything went to plan, nor will it today. Another installment of my secret diary.

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A shining brand new Falcon 7X

A brand new and shining private jet visited Geneva yesterday. Its owner no doubt likes it, even though he has a much larger aircraft.

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Aviation and politics: the close links

Like many other influential industries, the aviation lobby likes to keep well connected with politicians, with Moritz Leuenberger being the latest example. Perhaps he will now prefer air travel to train travel.

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The air transport of a county's government

The Swiss Federal Councillors now get a better deal on their aircraft trips. Could they do even better?

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easyJet: towards flexible fares and business passengers

For some time some airlines have been charging for all sorts of extras. Now easyJet seems to be going even further by introducing flexible fares aimed at attracting business people: where might it end?

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(HB-JZ)I have been replaced by two new easyJet A319

easyJet Switzerland has brought in another two Airbus A319 jets to Geneva. As a result, I (my full name is HB-JZI) have been sent away. In this, my fifth entry in my secret diary, I can tell you all about it!

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Air Mauritius this winter: much better departure time

The winter airline timetables show the changed time of the twice-weekly winter flight to Mauritius: 9 pm instead of last year's 10h30 pm. Finally, sanity has prevailed, despite the weak excuses that were given a year ago.

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How high is your aircraft flying?

In the Lucerne transport museum the special exhibition to celebrate the centenary of Swiss aviation closes this weekend. If you get there you might see a reference to a QNH altitude: explanation.

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