The Iranian Government Falcon jet has left

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said on Monday that Iran has the most successful human rights record in the Muslim world. How many people believed him?

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An Iranian Government Jet in Geneva : PetroSuisse link?

Yesterday morning Le Matin Dimanche wrote that Petro Suisse is a front company for Iranian petrol dealings. In the evening an Iranian Government jet came to Geneva! Coincidence?

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A Russian Ilyushin visiting Geneva: tax inspectors?

Yesterday, 14 February, a spotter filmed the landing of a visiting Ilyushin 62-M. The aircraft used the callsign RSD045, registered to the Russian Federal State Budget Institution.

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The Bise and two aborted landings

It cannot be easy landing an aircraft into a very strong wind. In the last week (at least) two pilots were sufficiently disturbed to have to abort, hit the gas and go around again.

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Despite the airport spin, snow causes problems

teletext_20120131.JPGAnother few inches of snow causes many flights to be delayed. Apparently, however, this is unknown to the airport spokesman, who claims that flights are mostly on-time.

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Is Basel more important than Geneva?

Yet again the lack of a genuine spare aircraft causes some easyJet Switzerland passengers to suffer long delays. Yesterday, two flights to Gatwick left with almost 5 hours delay!

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One less very noisy flight

The noisiest regular flight at Geneva airport has long been a Boeing 747 cargo flight to Shanghai, proudly announced by the Airport in July 2009. Now it seems no longer operational.

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CO2 from Geneva to Durban

With Global Warming ever more obvious, emissions of CO2 are being discussed in Durban, South Africa, and here in Geneva. Attending the Geneva discussions is possible with a minimum of CO2 emissions!

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Noise at the airport

Normally a Tuesday is a quiet day around the airport, but not yesterday. 100 decibels average and 111 decibels maximum can give one more than an ear ache!

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A singer from Turkmenistan?

Yesterday's visit by a Government jet from Turkmenistan was the latest in a series of visits from that country. Maybe the presidents wanted to sing together: I would suggest a Sinatra classic!

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Another embarrassing day for easyJet Switzerland

Yesterday, Thursday 13 October, a lot of passengers on easyJet flights had hours of delays. The reason, as usual: no spare aircraft in Switzerland.

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Bonneteau : Find the Lady

056.JPGBonneteau, the Geneva equivalent of the confidence game "Find the Lady", can be seen regularly near the CGN lake boats station at the north end of the Mont Blanc bridge.

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Two easyJet mea culpas

In the press last weekend two top easyJet executives explained the reasons for the serious problems of last Summer. The explanations were not identical, nor complete.

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Two NICE late easyJet flights: why?

On 29 July the last easyJet return flight from Nice ought to have been redirected to Lyon, instead of landing in Geneva at 01h04. Last night the reverse happened. The explanation and a question!

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A rescue helicopter for a third day!

HBZEN rescue 004.JPGFor a third day in a row I witnessed at close range a helicopter come to the aid of a person in distress. This time it was the HUG helicopter coming to Versoix.

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