An aircraft that flies backwards

In Versoix last Thursday, February 3,  I saw an aircraft that looks to be flying backwards. I also heard its annoying high-pitched whine!


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A fortress in the Citadelle

The General Aviation Centre to the north (Jura) side of the airport is in the area called La Citadelle. It has become worthy of that name, but obviously allows in some interesting visitors

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easyJet : a quick spin and then ...

On Tuesday 1 February the easyJet flight to Malaga turned around just after takeoff. How fortunate for the passengers that there was a spare aircraft!

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Vernier: another evening of unexpected noise

Last Monday evening, 17 January, the aviation activities at Geneva airport found multiple novel ways to disturb the sleep of Vernier residents.

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Annulled early easyJet departures !

Yesterday, Tuesday 11 January, there were four less early departures of easyJet Switzerland aircraft than normal : flights previously cancelled? Was anyone originally booked on them?

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Airport noise zones and declassifications

Cointrin_declassification.jpgThere is currently a public enquiry on reclassification of land zones around the airport, which lasts from mid-December to mid-January. Christmas and the New Year: a good time to hold such an enquiry!


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I saw problems for easyJet passengers recently

In this next installment of my (HB-JZI easyJet Airbus A319) secret diary I can say something about the period from Christmas 2010 to the start of 2011. I had a difficult time, as did some of my Swiss brothers and quite a lot of our passengers.

A bad end to a terrible year has been followed by a bad start to 2011!

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Extra work for Skyguide ATC in winter

With the ski season now upon us, there are many flights from the British Isles coming over Geneva to and from Chambéry. Sometimes these aircraft cross quite close to Geneva air traffic, giving the Skyguide Air Traffic Controllers some extra work.


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Is Geneva airport not responsible for de-icing?

After reading an article on the TV teletext yesterday, 27 December 2010, repeated in part in this newspaper today, you might think that there were very few flight cancellations and delays. You might also believe that de-icing of aircraft is purely the responsibility of the airlines. Would you be right?

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We need better Web information on flights!

In England people go to Heathrow airport because the BA website tells them to do so, yet when they get there they hear a message telling them to go home! The Times even published my letter saying that we need a web site which collects and correlates all available information on flights!

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Your flight is delayed or cancelled: what next

You are booked on a flight which is cancelled, or delayed with the real likelihood of being cancelled: what now? Simple question, complicated answer. If you were affected, then WHAT DID YOU DO?

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Poor decisions attract bad luck!

Poor, illogical planning of flights is common to the very noisy takeoff over Versoix at 0h36 last Saturday morning (11 December), three consecutive cancelled easyJet evening returns from Berlin last week and the latest return of a commercial flight (EZS1458 from Porto) this Autumn! In such cases, Murphy's law applies!

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Why is the Geneva airport web site so awful?

In the city where the Web was invented, it is shameful that the Web site of the airport is so terrible. To the bad design and the incredibly slow response time must be added the inability to give up-to-date and relevant information.


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The air transport of a county's government

The Swiss Federal Councillors now get a better deal on their aircraft trips. Could they do even better?

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(HB-JZ)I have been replaced by two new easyJet A319

easyJet Switzerland has brought in another two Airbus A319 jets to Geneva. As a result, I (my full name is HB-JZI) have been sent away. In this, my fifth entry in my secret diary, I can tell you all about it!

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