Swiss air traffic helps Global Warming!

All of the Swiss airports have seen strong growth in 2011. This means that the air traffic contribution to global warming is increasing. Could Geneva become like Beijing?

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Air traffic to the East in 2012?

As Europe continues towards a Euro crisis, air traffic to and from the East seems to be growing. Scheduled passenger flights to and from Russia are an obvious example.

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Private jets at Sion cannot be photographed

The Director of Sion airport is said to guarantee confidentiality for rich clients in private jets, including banning photography of passengers and the registration: more separation of "them and us"!

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Integration : the Perruchon lessons

Last night's TV documentary on the emigration of the Perruchon family to Canada 35 years ago was compelling viewing. It contained some insights on how to integrate in a foreign land

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Global Warming only interests young people

Global Warming, with all its effects, will profoundly concern the young people of today, who will have to live with its effects. Does it also interest older people?

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My Climate does not interest me!

When booking travel, most often by air, people may be encouraged to make a donation to offset the carbon footprint of their journey. Regrettably, very few people actually do so. How to improve this take-up rate?

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Air Traffic control for sale?

The financial crisis is forcing some countries to try to sell their assets, including airports. Britain is even considering selling off its Air Traffic Control service (perhaps to a German company!)

A report today, Sunday 11 December, in the Sunday Times, states that the remaining public ownership part of its NATS (National Air Traffic Services) is a public asset which could be sold to private enterprise. One estimate of the amount is £500 million. One bidder could be the German state-owned DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung). However, this news, on the same weekend that Britain is considered to have turned its back on Europe, could raise a big political storm.

This is all part of a desperate effort by many European countries to reduce their national debt. Greece was amongst the first country to offer to privatise some of its assets, including both airports and shipping ports. Other countries have been following suit. However, the idea that control of air traffic could be in the hands of a private company, perhaps belonging to another country, is likely to seem a different level of privatisation.

Britain's NATS was privatised back in 2001 by the Labour government then in power, but a rebellion in both houses of Parliament forced the government to retain a 49% stake in NATS. It is this stake which is proposed as for sale, but there could again be a strong opposition.

On the positive side, the Sunday Times article suggests that combining the British and German air space control into one authority could be a step towards reducing the plethora of national authorities which (they claim) is already struggling with the growth in traffic.

I wonder what the Swiss organisation Skyguide thinks of all this?

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Geneva Airport traffic in 2012

Like many airports, Geneva has seen many more flights in 2011 than in 2010. However, the omens for 2012 are not good (even perhaps for easyJet Switzerland).

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Autumn leaves too polluted to be composted!

Most Geneva communes sytematically collect fallen Autumn leaves and send them to be composted. However, some of those collected in Vernier are too polluted, so are simply burned.

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Cook's tours in danger?

In England "Cook's Tours" has long been synonymous with package holidays. However, the tour operator is in financial trouble, with its shares nosediving. Geneva airport could be affected.

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TGV or air: a link

The death occurred recently of Roger Tallon, a former pilot and industrial design pioneer who created the look of the French high speed trains (TGV) that compete with aircraft in Europe.


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A singer from Turkmenistan?

Yesterday's visit by a Government jet from Turkmenistan was the latest in a series of visits from that country. Maybe the presidents wanted to sing together: I would suggest a Sinatra classic!

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Can you solve a crossword clue?

Today, 7 November 2011, the Times crossword is number 25000. One of the clues is "Very soon call for less noise: jet's back in airport" (7 letters): can you solve it?

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Christmas shopping trip?

On the Geneva English radio it was reported that flights from Switzerland to New York are heavily booked, in part for Christmas shopping trips.

Self-interest 1 : Ecology 0 !

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Two polar flights evoke questions

Seen in a BBC TV series about the North and South poles, two fascinating flights should make us ask ourselves whether we can protect our planet and the future of our descendants.

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