Psst: want to buy a gold ring?

Last Monday, around lunch time, I met three people. Two were committed environmentalists worried about the future. The third was a street trickster.

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Pas de villas autour de l’aéroport, SVP !

Des propositions visant à changer les zones villas autour de l’aéroport en zones mixtes habitat/activités pourraient comporter quelques cachotteries politiques. Les politiciens, prendront-ils la décision de défendre correctement leur électorat ?

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No villas around the airport, please!

Propositions to change zones of villas around the airport into mixed housing and light industry could have some political undertones. Will the politicians making the decisions defend properly the electorate?

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Heliski: the helicopter ski-lifts

heliski.jpgThe conclusion of a TV report was pretty clear: using helicopters as ski lifts is big business and so, unlike France (which bans it completely), OFAC are very unwilling to put any curbs on it.

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Airport noise zones and declassifications

Cointrin_declassification.jpgThere is currently a public enquiry on reclassification of land zones around the airport, which lasts from mid-December to mid-January. Christmas and the New Year: a good time to hold such an enquiry!


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England retained the Ashes!

The England cricket team beat the Australians in Australia to retain the trophy called "The Ashes". Here are some reasons to connect that to aviation.

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Extra work for Skyguide ATC in winter

With the ski season now upon us, there are many flights from the British Isles coming over Geneva to and from Chambéry. Sometimes these aircraft cross quite close to Geneva air traffic, giving the Skyguide Air Traffic Controllers some extra work.


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Is Geneva airport not responsible for de-icing?

After reading an article on the TV teletext yesterday, 27 December 2010, repeated in part in this newspaper today, you might think that there were very few flight cancellations and delays. You might also believe that de-icing of aircraft is purely the responsibility of the airlines. Would you be right?

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Flyers predicted a cold winter

ladybird.jpgThis winter has been exceptionally cold and snowy over northern Europe, especially the United Kingdom. This was predicted very early by various flyers which flap their wings.


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We need better Web information on flights!

In England people go to Heathrow airport because the BA website tells them to do so, yet when they get there they hear a message telling them to go home! The Times even published my letter saying that we need a web site which collects and correlates all available information on flights!

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The Brits are coming already

Last weekend saw several incoming flights from the UK which were either charter or regular services which were not scheduled until January.

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Poor decisions attract bad luck!

Poor, illogical planning of flights is common to the very noisy takeoff over Versoix at 0h36 last Saturday morning (11 December), three consecutive cancelled easyJet evening returns from Berlin last week and the latest return of a commercial flight (EZS1458 from Porto) this Autumn! In such cases, Murphy's law applies!

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Could Swiss re-register its aircraft in Ireland?

The Italian airline Alitalia is moving the registration of some of its aircraft from Italy to Ireland, probably for economy reasons. Could Swiss do likewise?

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Why is the Geneva airport web site so awful?

In the city where the Web was invented, it is shameful that the Web site of the airport is so terrible. To the bad design and the incredibly slow response time must be added the inability to give up-to-date and relevant information.


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A shining brand new Falcon 7X

A brand new and shining private jet visited Geneva yesterday. Its owner no doubt likes it, even though he has a much larger aircraft.

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