Another easyJet Switzerland odd event

easyJet Switzerland sometimes helps out easyJet UK by lending one of its aircraft. This can have unwanted effects.

Yesterday, 13 August, easyJet Switzerland kindly accepted to send one of its Airbus A319 fleet to Casablanca in order to operate an easyJet UK flight from Casablanca to Paris, almost certainly because of an unexpected problem with the aircraft that had operated the Paris to Casablanca flight.. This, of course, meant that easyJet Switzerland no longer had a spare aircraft!

The easyJet Switzerland aircraft then left Casablanca with a significant delay and headed directly for Paris. However, when it was to the west of Geneva it made a sudden right turn and landed back in Geneva airport at 7h50 pm, stayed a couple of hours and then continued its journey to Paris. We can all speculate why , though we will probably never know why.

The end result of this was, as Murphy's law predicts, that, given the lack of any spare aircraft, something else would certainly go wrong! It may have been related to the thunderstorm in Geneva in the late afternoon, but at the end of the evening the easyJet flight to and back from Nice was cancelled, whilst the flight for Nantes left so late that on the return it missed the Geneva airport curfew and had to go to Lyon, from whence the passengers would have enjoyed the bus trip to Geneva: maybe those that were sleeping saw some of the shooting stars very visible at the moment.

Of course, that meant that on this morning of 14 August there were two missing easyJet Switzerland aircraft (one in Nantes, one in Paris), so one morning easyJet Switzerland departure had to be pretty late (it turned out to be the flight to and back from Olbia).

Let us hope that Murphy is no longer here and that there will be no more shenanigans (especially as Friday is usually the busiest day of the week).

The moral once again seems to be that easyJet Switzerland needs another aircraft in order to cope with unexpected small problems, and that any passenger booked on a (cheap) late night easyJet flight risks the occasional delay, diversion or cancellation.

I think that I will stay at home and watch sport on the box!

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