USA and Iran: a useful visit?

US secretary of state John Kerry and Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif flew inlast Friday by different routes.

Whilst John Kerry came directly from the USA in the Boeing 757-200 of the USAF, it seems quite likely that Mohammad Javad Zarif arrived in the Iran Air Airbus A321 operated by Meraj Air: a flight which was not announced on the Geneva airport arrivals list. As of Sunday, 31 May, it seems that the Meraj aircraft has departed back to Iran, but the USAF Boeing is still in Geneva.

The flight paths of the Meraj-operated aircraft are quite interesting. On Tuesday 26 May it flew from Teheran to Kuwait City via Muscat, a city on the Gulf of Oman and in the proximity of the strategic Straits of Hormuz. The next day, Wednesday 27 May it continued to Athens (Greece is very much in the news at the moment!) and stayed there a couple of days, before coming to Geneva.

Can one wonder if there were some kind of talks between Iran and Greece? With the situation in Greece so much in the news, perhaps it is not only the Russians who might have strategic ideas involving their two countries.

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