Pristina with easyJet

The easyJet to or from Pristina can have problems. Last night, 14 May, the return flight failed two attempts to land here before diverting to Lyon.

The flight EZS1484 returning from Pristina to Geneva, due to land at 10h50 pm, was more or less on time. However, the pilot tried two approaches over the lake, each time aborting the landing just before Versoix.After that, the aircraft was diverted to Lyon.


Some problem with the aircraft that could only be fixed at Lyon (strange, because the aircraft came as an empty ferry to Geneva early the next morning)? Some passenger not wanting to land in Switzerland? Something else (all suggestions welcome!).

As usual, the passengers would have had a scenic coach ride from Lyon to Geneva.

Interestingly, the Geneva bulletin board announced that the flight had not been diverted, but had been cancelled!

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