A crisis for Father Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas, and Father Christmas had just one more house to visit near Geneva, but then a crisis!

The last place to be visited was near the top of the Salève hills. Just as he landed in a field that always had snow on it at Christmas, he realised with horror that there were only rocks. Although the reindeer landed OK the runners of his sled broke into several pieces. What a disaster: how could he continue his deliveries. He just had to find a way not to disappoint all the children still waiting for his toy deliveries.

Rudolph, his lead reindeer, then had the brilliant idea to consult local.ch on his new RIpad (Reindeer Ipad) and suggested that Father Christmas call for help from the Red Nose service. When they heard the tale of him having tried to drive on what should have been a large patch of snow but was just rocks, they immediately realised that he needed their help.

They sent up a large 4x4 to pick him up and get him back to town, with his reindeer trotting amiably along behind. On the way, he explained that he absolutely needed fast air transport to continue his night's deliveries, so they took him to the bureau of Speedwings Executive Jet, just near the airport.

Fortunately, they had just the plane he needed: a nice little Cessna Citation Jet. Furthermore, they would have no difficulty in persuading the airport to let him depart so late at night, since it was quite common for Wealthy Important Masters of the Planet (WIMPS) who, after a private discussion with their banker over a leisurely evening meal, insisted on flying out just before midnight (in case their golden Mercedes would at that moment turn into a Fiat 500).

All was fine until the pilot explained that his GPS system could not locate the nearest Father Christmas emergency repair service garage. Not surprising, really, since this garage only exists for one day of the year. No problem, said Father Christmas: my reindeer team know where it is, so you just take off and follow them closely.

This explains why so many people in the Genthod/Bellevue/Versoix area, enjoying the fresh late night air at about half past eleven on Christmas Eve, saw what looked like a small jet aircraft being towed along by a noisy team of reindeer, with a man in red waving from the window.

It also probably explains why some of them also decided to call the Red Nose service in order to be driven home.

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