A new destination which needs to be watched!

The first Wizz Air flight from Cluj, in Romania, coincides with the reported arrest of a Romanian coming here via Basel-Mulhouse.

The airport is much in the news just before Christmas. As usual, the weekend preceding Christmas is extremely busy. This can mean more intensive scrutiny of incoming passengers to recognise those trying to smuggle in various items which should be taxed.

The customs officials will certainly have read a story in the freebie newspaper 20 minutes, on Monday, 22 December, of a romanian passenger who disembarked at Basel-Mulhouse airport (an airport actually in France), only to be immediately arrested because he was wanted by the judicial authorities in Vaud. In his baggage were two instruments often used to "manipulate" bancomat machines. It seems likely that he would have used a Wizz Air flight, since that airline has flights in Geneva and Basel to and from Romania.

A separate article in the same 20 Minutes edition talks about the reinforcement of airport customs checks at this time just before Christmas. Some of their ways of spotting suspicious cases (pun intended!) are listed, but doubtless there are others which are kept secret.

It would be interesting to know if customs officials can actually target particular flights, even particular nationalities. However, that might be officially forbidden by the Schengen rules.

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