Piano music and M-USIK

On Thursday, 4 December 2014, world-famous pianist Grigory Sokolov will give a concert in Geneva. Maybe he flew here!

According to the article in the newspaper Le Matin Dimanche, Grigory Sokolov is an extra-terrestrial of the piano, and also of other accomplishments. As well as being able to memorise bar codes and train timetables, he can also take to pieces and then rebuild a Steinway piano. At the recital, in the Victoria Hall, he will play works of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin.

Of particular interest in the context of aviation, when he travels by plane he knows the astronomical map and the paths of all of the airlines which operate the same flights. Maybe useful if all the instruments (non-musical!) fail and the pilot needs some navigational assistance.

It may well be a coincidence, but two days before the recital a sparkling new Gulfstream G650 business jet, with registration M-USIK, paid a short visit to Geneva. Was Grigory Sokolov on board?

M-USIK is one of two similar aircraft bought by a father and son, Onsi and Nassef Sawiris. The family are said to be Egyptian billionaires, probably the richest family in that country, so they could clearly afford their new toys.

All aircraft registrations of the form M-xxxx are registered in the Isle of Man: M-USIC is another aircraft registered there, and which regularly visits Geneva. In this case, the Isle of Man registry indicates the owners of M-USIK as being a company in Bermuda.

All of this high finance is certainly way beyond the reach of almost all of us. However, many of us can afford to go to listen to the pianist.

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