A special aircraft for Ebola patients

The first Ebola patient to come to Geneva hospital arrived during the4 night of 20 November. The aircraft used is very special.

The aircraft is an old ex-Royal Danish Air Force Gulfstream III that is highly modified to convey very ill people over very long distances. It landed in Geneva at 11h27 pm, then left again about an hour and a half later, at 1h05 am. During this time there was a REGA helicopter belonging to Schweiz. Luft-Ambulanz AG which landed at 15 minutes after midnight, then left again 25 minutes later, so it is possible that the patient was then transported by air.

The aircraft is owned by Phoenix Air Group, and has been equipped to carry two seriously ill patients plus a medical staff. It also appears to have been used to transport other Ebola patients from Africa to the USA. Other Phoenix Air planes seem also to collaborate closely with the US Military.

Being 32 years old, this aircraft is in the noisiest category of the Swiss aircraft classification. As such, it would normally have had to pay 2,000 CHF noise surcharge landing fee. For the take-off, which should not have required a special derogation, the noise surcharge would normally be 18,000 CHF. However, one can suppose that these surcharges would not have been applied.

We all hope that the patient concerned will be able to recover from this deadly disease, which is still killing thousands of people in Africa.

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