New York to Afghanistan via Geneva and Riga

An interesting itinerary for a big Boeing 747-400 belonging to Atlas Air: New Yoork to Geneva to Riga to Afghanistan.

This rather attractive and very impressive Boeing 747 left New York on Tuesday 23 September, arriving in Geneva the next evening at 10h25 pm. Quite early the next morning it was photographed as it left for Riga, in Latvia, then continued to somewhere in Afghanistan (Probably Kandahar, but maybe Kabul.

As one might expect, the flight did not figure on the Geneva list of arrivals and departures, but it can be tracked in Europe quite easily. However, for obvious reasons, there are not very many tracking possibilities in the wilds of Afghanistan. The last directions to there, plus its departure from Afghanistan to Bishkek, in Tajikistan, and then to Seoul, suggest that it went to Kandahar, but other possibilities, such as Bagram and Kabul, exist.

Last year, on April 29th, one US Boeing 747 cargo aircraft flying in to Bagram crashed in spectacular fashion, in full view of a video which was posted to you-tube. Clearly, Afghanistan is a dangerous place!

Together with Polar Air Cargo, Atlas Air has long operated in support of the American armed forces in Afghanistan.

I don't think that any flights between Switzerland and Afghanistan yet exist.


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