A short visit by a Thai personality

Visits by large aircraft which are not running scheduled flights can be interesting: how about this Thai Boeing 737?

The Boeing 737 registered as HS-HRH paid a short visit last night, 25 August 2014. It landed at 7h40 pm from Munich and left again at 10h03 pm for Karlsruhe. According to different sources, the aircraft is owned by the Thai Government, the Royal Thai Air Force or the Thai Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn.

According to his Wikipedia, he has had quite a colourful life. It was even reported that when, in August 2011, the German authorities impounded his aircraft in order to demand payment of a 20-year-old debt, his office announced he would pay the deposit amounting to 20 million Euro himself. Clearly, he is not short of funds. He has also apparently no qualms about being in Germany.

I have not found any indication of the aircraft having been in Geneva before. However, it did make a visit to Berne a couple of years ago: there is even a youtube video of this landing!

We can all speculate on the reasons for such a flying visit!

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