Rome to Basel via Geneva and Bordeaux to Geneva via Lyon.

Passengers on the easyJet UK flight from Rome to Basel last night might have been surprised to come first to Geneva on an easyJet Switzerland aircraft.

It is difficult to get all the details, but it seems that yesterday, 28 July, the easyJet Switzerland Airbus A319, registered as HB-JZV, after flying to and from Split, Nice and Ajaccio, was sent urgently to Basel to fly the easyJet UK flight EZY4922 from Basel to Rome. It can be supposed that an easyJet UK aircraft which should have been in Basel had had problems.

This easyJet UK flight to Rome was then over 5 hours late, which meant that its return to Basel would have arrived very late (probably around midnight) in Basel. Then, of course, the aircraft belonged in Geneva: a slight problem!

However, this became more than a slight problem when, perhaps as a result of HB-JZV not being available in Geneva, the last easyJet Switzerland there and back flight to Bordeaux, due to leave Geneva at 7h40 pm, only actually took off at 10h20 pm. Such a late departure made it inevitable that its return from Bordeaux would be diverted to Lyon: it was!

Now the potential problem is that two Geneva-based aircraft of the easyJet Switzerland fleet would have been elsewhere on the morning of 29 July. However, at least one would normally be needed for the early flights that day!

How to fix this? Simple: instead of going to Basel, the flight from Rome came directly to to Geneva, landing here at 18 minutes after midnight. Of course, how the passengers then got to Basel is unknown! What is virtually certain is that the Bordeaux passengers would have had a coach ride from Lyon to Geneva in the middle of the night!

Surely these Rome-Basel and Bordeaux-Geneva passengers would have been able to claim compensation for a delay of several hours!

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