A new Ukraine airline to Geneva

On Sunday 20 July, in the midst of the Ukraine air crash, a new Ukraine airline came from Kiev to Geneva, then back to Lviv.

It is slightly surprising to see a new (to Geneva) Ukraine airline bringing passengers here in a big Boeing 737-800 jet. Also slightly surprising that the return to Ukraine stopped in Lviv, also spelled L'viv and Lvov, a town in the extreme west of Ukraine.

So what does Lviv have to offer? In a recent, and rather unflattering, article in the UK newspaper "The Independent", described it as

A seemingly cosmopolitan city is a nationalist stronghold and monument to ethnic cleansing, as its barbaric wartime treatment of Jews illustrated

The barbaric treatment was a reference to the pogrom of 1 July 1941, when, according to the newspaper,

"thousands of Jews were dragged from their homes, beaten and executed by either German troops or their Ukrainian helpers"

This suggests how difficult it will be to create any sort of unified country, squeezed between two power blocs!

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