Saturday night / Sunday morning

In the early hours of Sunday 25 May 2015 three early morning aircraft movements had different causes!

It was almost certainly because of the Champions League football final in Lisbon that there were several delays for air traffic to and from Lisbon on the Saturday. A couple of easyJet flights from Lisbon to Geneva suffered delays of some hours. Unfortunately, the second of these, intended as a Lisbon-Geneva-Lisbon round trip, landed only at 11h25 pm. Even with what was certainly a very efficient turnaround, the flight back to Lisbon could only take off again over Vernier at 18 minutes after midnight. OK for the night clubbers there, but not for everyone! Note that this takeoff would have cost easyJet 2,500 CHF.

20140525 TCX.JPGA more unusual event happened when a flight of Thomas Cook Airlines, from Dalaman in Turkey to London Gatwick, had some sort of emergency just after passing over Zurich and Basel in the middle of the night. For reasons unknown, the pilot decided to land in Geneva: both Basel and Zurich would have been closer! The landing of the Boeing 757-300 jet carried it in over Versoix before the touchdown at 4h50 am. Since the aircraft took off again just after 7am the same Sunday we might think that the problem was related to the passengers.

Another early morning landing involved the Airbus A320 of easyJet Switzerland. This time, however, the landing was in Lyon, quite likely because the aircraft had spent several hours in Olbia in the afternoon, and so its flight from Geneva to Malaga in the late afternoon only took off just before 11pm. This made a return to Geneva the same night impossible, so the passengers from Malaga to Geneva had the pleasure of landing in Lyon and completing their journey by bus.

It was, of course, Murphy's law that had seen the spare easyJet Switzerland aircraft in Geneva fly to Basel in the middle of the day!

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