Do you claim money back from easyJet?

Today, 2 May, this paper has not found any passengers on easyJet flights claiming compensation for long delays last Sunday.

Last Sunday, 27 April, easyJet passengers returning in the evening from Rome had to be put up in a hotel overnight, whilst those returning from Venice had to get some sleep in Venice airport before leaving there at 4h30 am. However, despite the fact that European Union rules allow them to claim a substantial compensation, this newspaper has found no-one who has actually made a claim.

The problem seems to be that some of the aircraft of easyJet Switzerland had some problems that Sunday. The departure on the outward flight to Rome, which would normally have been in an Airbus A320 which had first done round trips to Malaga and Porto, more or less on time, was very delayed and operated with the spare Airbus A319, a smaller plane (I wonder if some passengers had to be refused!). Perhaps this spare aircraft had some technical problem, because it only returned to Geneva late in the afternoon of the following day.

The outward Venice flight was more or less on time, using an A319 aircraft which had previously made round trips to Nice, London Gatwick and Cagliari. The aircraft certainly seems to have had a technical problem preventing its return, since it stayed in Venice for two days. The company had to send a UK-registered aircraft to Venice in the middle of the night to bring back the passengers.

Since the problems have all the appearance of technical problems with aircraft, it should be perfectly acceptable to claim compensation. After all, with so many flights to and from Geneva, one can say that easyJet Switzerland should always have working spare aircraft. In fact, since the single spare is only an A319, one can suggest that there should also be an A320 here.

Perhaps if there were sufficient compensation claims, the company might agree with this analysis!

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