A new easyJet destination

On Wednesday 16 April easyJet Switzerland flew an empty aircraft to and back from Epinal airport: a future route?

The easyJet A319 Airbus left Geneva as flight EZS9014 at 9h04 am on 16 April 2014, then returned as EZS9042 at 5h48 pm the same day. Since the flight did not appear on the list of flights, and since any flight number in the 9000 range is a flight without passengers, I used flightradar24 to see where it went.

According to their data, it went to Mirecourt airport at Epinal, a bit south of Nancy. This seems to be a very rural airport, though it does have a runway 2.4 km long. The only information on it seems to offer flights to Nice.

A new destination for easyJet Switzerland?


No..... just a training flight...

Posted by: Captain Bob | 04/18/2014

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