Holland beat England at cricket: not an April Fool joke!

On this day, Tuesday April 1 2014, my UK newspaper described how England lost to Holland in the World twenty20 match!

Unfortunately, the story looked much too serious to be a joke: Holland scored 133 runs in their 20 overs, then bowled out England for 88. The England dire performance was ascribed to the Dutch bowler, Mudassar Bukhari, who was stated to be a former assistant manager of Burger King in Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.

So, clearly, working in an airport can help a person to be a good sportsman. Maybe this fact should be noted by Servette football club, who are in problems right now. Perhaps the Servette manager should take a football, go to eat in Geneva airport's food lounge and throw the football around to see whether any of the personnel respond with their feet.

If this fails then perhaps the current airport director would have seen some hidden footballing talent when he was vice-president of the airport catering company Gate Gourmet.

Of course, there might be candidates for cricket, rather than football! After all, the Holland hero, Mudassar Bukhari, wreaked havoc with his spin deliveries, whilst the airport has always had employees well capable of delivering spin!

Perhaps, because of the flights to and from Beijing, there might even be a left-handed Chinaman able to help!

(For the uninitiated, a Chinaman is a googly delivered by a left-handed spin bowler, whilst a googly is an off-break delivered by a right-handed bowler with a leg-break action!)


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