Geneva airport: more long haul flights expected.

Today, the president of the Geneva airport board of directors suggests that there will be more long-distance destinations.

On this day, 18 March 2014, Geneva airport has put out its review of results for the year 2013. Relative to the contested proposal for the future new East wing terminal for long-haul jets, the chairman of the Geneva airport board of directors Pierre Maudet repeats the affirmation of the Geneva Airport director that this project is not over-dimensioned and is not aimed at attracting more passengers. However, the words of Pierre Maudet which are given in this paper are different from what we have previously been told.

Cette extension ne vise pas à accueillir plus de passagers, mais à améliorer la desserte de vols long-courriers.

It is, however, difficult to match the two halves of that statement. If there are more long-haul flights, as would seem inevitable in order to amortise the cost of the new terminal, then there will be more passengers!

In this context it is interesting to note that last Sunday, 16 March, the airport had what is almost certainly its first incoming flight of a big passenger airport from Vietnam. The Airbus A330-200, the same aircraft as currently used by Air China for serving Beijing, is registered as VN-A377 and is owned and operated by Vietnam Airlines. As of today, Tuesday 18 March, it has not yet left.

Unsurprisingly, each such arrival of a large passenger aircraft from a previously unknown airport and belonging to a scheduled airline provokes thoughts that Geneva airport is already sounding out possibilities for new long-haul destinations.

Anyone for a trip to Vietnam?

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