Follow the hijack plane to Geneva

With the Google Earth program on your computer you can follow the path of the hijacked plane as if you were the pilot!

All you have to do is ensure that you have Google Earth on your computer, then go to the following link on the ARAG site


This will download the track file and, if you have set up your system to open kmz files with Google Earth, will execute the program. If the file is just downloaded then find it with the search facility then open it with Google Earth.

Once Google Earth is loaded you will have the overall outline of the path. To play it back as if you are in the pilot's seat, just find the little "play Tour" button : a little triangle of green circles. shown in the picture below.


The button is low down in the middle of the picture: click on it and then watch the flight right until the touchdown.

With the compliments of ARAG and the European Aircraft Noise Services (EANS.ch) organisation.

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