The hijacked Ethiopian aircraft

The hijacked Ethiopian Boeing 767 flew all around the airport a few times before landing, blocking all normal traffic

The reports on the hijacking of the Ethiopian Boeing 767, registration ET-AMF, said that before landing at Geneva the pilot flew around several times. The registered flight trajectory of the aircraft, which looks a bit like a fairground ride, shows this very clearly.


It is rather doubtful if the passengers and the rest of the flight crew enjoyed this unguided tour of Geneva airport airspace!

The transponder message from the aircraft indicating an emergency was received in the Geneva region at 5h11 am. Interestingly, the airport officially opens for landings at 6am, and this aircraft obeyed the rules by landing at 6h01 am. One can wonder if this was a coincidence!

When the airport re-opened, the first flight out was a Bombardier Global Express business jet owned by a German operator called FAI Rent-a-Jet. Three more unscheduled business jet departures then followed, with scheduled flights restarting at 8h25 am (easyJet EZS1353 to Amsterdam). In the next 25 minutes before any landings there were 14 departures, with a minimum time between consecutive departures of only 75 seconds. Landings did not start until 8h51

As one can imagine, this has meant many delays and cancellations, with some incoming flights diverted, and flights later than usual will probably, and understandably, occur this evening. However, the Geneva airport Web site makes no mention of this incident.

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It's sounds as if Geneva was targeted at first !

Refugee statement is avalable all around Schengen countries !!!

Posted by: Corto | 02/18/2014

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