Travel to Sochi

With the winter games due to start soon, flights are leaving Geneva for Sochi. One company has jumped in.

The first scheduled flights from Geneva to Sochi have been operated by a charter airline, Travel Service, using a Boeing 737-800 registered as OK-TVL. This aircraft left on the Monday morning, 3 February, just before 7am, and then again on the Wednesday morning, 5 February.

From Zurich it would have been possible to fly there directly with a big Swiss Airbus A330 on Tuesday, 4 February. Alternatively, there are a lot of flights from Moscow to Sochi, so maybe quite a few people go that way.

It is quite probable that the more affluent people will leave Geneva in executive jets, which almost always do not wish people to know where they are going. With all the worries about security, maybe this is understandable.

I wonder how all the Swiss athletes and officials are going there!

Whatever happens, Air Traffic controllers in Sochi are going to be very busy.

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