Yet another easyJet Switzerland aircraft

Last Sunday, 5 January 2014, an easyJet UK Airbus A320 flew empty to Geneva. It has now been re-registered as a Swiss easyJet aircraft.

The easyJet UK Airbus 320 aircraft, with registration G-EZUX,  arrived in Geneva at 11h41 am last Sunday. By yesterday, Wednesday 8 January it had become HB-JXA and was used for 4 return trips that day (London Gatwick twice, then Amsterdam and Nice. The return from Nice was a night flight, landing in Geneva at 10h18 pm.

The interesting question, assuming that none of the current easyJet fleet in Switzerland is retired, is whether it will be used as a spare A320 aircraft (there is currently no spare A320 for easyJet Switzerland), for new flights in Geneva or for new flights in Basel. If I am right in doubting the first of these possibilities (easyJet does not make money from aircraft on the ground), then it is likely that either Geneva or Basel will have an extra night flight on most nights.

Currently there is not much use for it, because the winter schedules for these Swiss aircraft are less busy in Winter than in Summer. Thus, we probably will not know until the winter season ends on 29 March whether or not Geneva will have yet more easyJet night flights.

Another interesting question is whether, when easyJet UK start to buy the new A320 neo aircraft (between 2015 and 2017: supposedly more economical to operate, but for which I can find nothing to say if they will be more quiet than their predecessors), will easyJet Switzerland still continue to get the UK castoffs?

Wait and see.

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