Was Ben Ali's Falcon 900 back?

In December 2011 an unknown Tunisian aircraft, which I thought was a Falcon 900 of Ben Ali, left Geneva. It seems to be back again.

The aircraft has a unique 6-character identification, 02A64C (a bit like a chassis number on a car), which is part of a group allocated to Tunisia. There seems to be no available data base which identifies the registration of this aircraft. Equally, the aircraft apparently never emits a call sign.

In December 2011, not too long after the story that the Falcon 900 of Ben Ali had been impounded by the Geneva authorities, this unknown aircraft left Geneva. In a blog, I speculated that it was actually the impounded Falcon 900 of Ben Ali.

On the last Boxing Day, 26 December 2013, this same aircraft arrived in Geneva again. Then, last Monday 6 January 2014, it made a short 70 minute test flight in the afternoon, before departing for good at 5h36 pm.

In a bit more investigating, I find that it was also here over Christmas and New Year 2012/2013. Clearly, either whoever now uses it likes to come to Geneva around now or it is regularly sent to the Falcon service centre here in Geneva (or both!).

Anyone with any information is welcome to contact me.

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