Is anyone in your family electrosensitive?

On 28 December of last year the paper "Le Matin" talked about electromagnetic effects and how they affected one sensitive person.

One specific person was said to have found that he is so sensitive to electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions that he gets migraines, sleepless nights, buzzing in the ears and other health problems when exposed to them. It was stated that whilst in France it is possible to consider the creation of "white zones", in Switzerland there is no recognition of this illness. The official statement of the Swiss public health office is that there is no scientific basis to prove its existence.

I cannot help feeling that the increasing number of sources of electromagnetic fields, in particular the mobile phone antennae which are needed to support the ever increasing functionality that comes with each new generation of smart phones, should rather make us look at the problem the other way around. We should request positive proof that these electromagnetic emissions do NOT have any harmful effect.

A couple of years ago, I noticed a demand for permission to put up a new mobile phone antenna not too far from me, but right next to a nursery school for very small children. After doing a bit of research, I quickly found studies which suggested that these children could be affected, so I told the nursery school and our local Versoix authorities about the application. After objections, the permission was refused, as was a modified request a few months later.

In the same newspaper, on the same day, there was also a report that the big windmills now used for electric power generation can also have an electromagnetic effect which can interfere with the radar images used by Skyguide, the aircraft navigation authority. In consequence, any demand for new windmills near to air navigation radars or airports has to be submitted to Skyguide, who give a negative opinion in about 20% of cases.

Particular attentiion is given to the regions of the Jura mountains which are close to Geneva airport. Aproposal for a windmill park in this region may well have to be abandoned if such an interference cannot be prevented.

All of this makes me wonder whether radars such as those of Skyguide can also generate electromagnetic radiation sufficient to have a harmful effect on people. The answer seems to be inconclusive, but in searching the Web I came up with a few interesting sites.

The Geneva-based World Health Organisation has a fact sheet entitled "Electromagnetic fields and public health: radars and human health". The second paragraph of this fact sheet seems interesting :-

People who live or routinely work around radars have expressed concerns about long-term adverse effects of these systems on health, including cancer, reproductive malfunction, cataracts and changes in behaviour or development of children. A recent example has been the alleged increase in testicular cancer in police using speed control hand-held radar "guns".

A doctor called Lawrence Wilson wrote an article on how to avoid or reduce electromagnetic stress, with an introductory paragraph as follows :-

Electromagnetic stress is the subtle, or not so subtle, effects of stray or chaotic electrical and magnetic fields on the human body.  It is an important cause of stress today for almost everyone.  It is particularly bad for people in certain occupations such as airline personnel and those that work with computers, television sets, for example.

He specifically sees EMF stress as being of growing importance :-

One hears quite a range of information about EMFs.  Some people basically ignore them and dismiss any mention of them as a health problem. Others are concerned, but don’t feel they are really so bad. Still others, however, are severely affected by them and find they are a terrible problem today, especially in America and Europe, although they are a growing threat everywhere in the civilized world.  I tend to agree with the latter, as a physician, and it is time more people realized that living around stray and usually harmful electromagnetic fields is dangerous and stupid, and needs to be stopped.  There is a need for informing many more people, as well as our health and governmental authorities, of the dangers of electromagnetic stress.

A different article on radiation protection references a Doctor Mercola, who has commented specifically on radars :-

Can electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from power lines, home wiring, airport and military radar, substations, transformers, computers and appliances cause brain tumors, leukemia, birth defects, miscarriages, chronic fatigue, headaches, cataracts, heart problems, stress. nausea, chest pain, forgetfulness, cancer and other health problems?

Numerous studies have produced contradictory results, yet some experts are convinced that the threat is real.

In the same article, one can read the rather worrying opinions

Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York believes it is likely that up to 30% of all childhood cancers come from exposure to EMFs. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns “There is reason for concern” and advises prudent avoidance”.

Martin Halper, the EPA’s Director of Analysis and Support says “I have never seen a set of epidemiological studies that remotely approached the weight of evidence that we’re seeing with EMFs. Clearly there is something here.”

Of course, as is often said of the Bible, one can always find on the Web articles supporting one's own viewpoint. Nonetheless, EMF stress is surely something about which we should all be concerned, especially for our children (and grandchildren).

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